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Plan Your Visit

We are ready to welcome you with open arms! On this page, you will find our campus information, and some frequently asked questions that will help gear you up for a Springs service!

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Main Campus

817 Holcomb Rd.

Dallas, TX 75142

Sunday - 2:30PM

Wednesday - 7PM


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  • Where Do I Park?
    Parking is provided around the campus, and is monitored by a security guard for the duration of both our Sunday Afternoon and Wednesday night services.
  • Is Children's Church Provided?
    Yes! Kids Crew exists to serve and minister to our kids from 6 year to 12 year age range. Our leaders and youth that serve are required to undergo extensive background checks to ensure that our children are safe and well cared for at all times. Kids Crew is dismissed at the conclusion of worship on Sunday's and can be picked up in the hub (the building across from the sanctuary with the red awning) immediately following service. On Wednesday nights, feel free to check your children in as soon as you arrive to church, also at the hub.
  • Is Nursery Care Provided?
    Yes! We have you covered! We encourage parents to check in their 1-4 year olds to Little Lights Nursery, located in the hub building, to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy a distraction free worship service. Our nursery leaders are also background tested to ensure your little ones stay safe. A cry room also exists in the foyer of the sanctuary if you choose to keep your little one(s) with you!
  • Is There A Place For My Teens?
    Our Redeemed Youth Group proudly serves our 12-19 year old age group. They meet every Wednesday night at 7pm in the fellowship hall (white brick building adjacent to the sanctuary building).
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